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The last 12 months for many businesses have been tough–including some of the biggest brands in the world. When economic conditions tighten, consumers have to make tough decisions when it comes to consuming products and services. Businesses are no stranger to this and the best managed companies have systems in place so they are prepared for a downturn.

Yet, for a majority of businesses, the most important method to mitigating business risk is oftentimes neglected. This is not exclusive to one industry either. However, the smartest business owners have caught on and many new-era companies have embraced their brand as a priority to keeping business momentum. It cannot be understated that developing brand gravity is a crucial aspect to your business’ long-term success.

What is Brand Gravity?

In many consultation arrangements zero Ω has been a part of, we often receive the question, “what do you mean exactly by brand gravity?” What a great question it is too; the answer isn’t best explained by a simple response. Walk through this thought experiment with us:

  • When was the last time you got that warm and fuzzy feeling deep down to your core about a purchase you made, after a dining experience, following a service rendered, etc.?
  • What made you feel validated in that resource investment–whether it was a time commitment, financial investment, or emotional one?
  • When you think about the company or brand that gave you such a special experience, would you prioritize returning as a customer or participant? Would you tell your friends about how much you loved your experience?

It may be hard to find a recent experience that answers question one above, but if you think hard enough, you may find an answer that jumps out at you regardless of recency. That’s brand gravity! It’s an experience that leaves a consumer with a powerful memory and positive association with your brand. It’s important to note that the truest brand gravity is experiential. It taps into the pathos-ethos-logos of a consumer and connects with your audience on a deeper level… an emotional one.

How to Capture Brand Gravity

The next question zero Ω fields after explaining brand gravity to our partners is, “so, how do we create brand gravity?” Another excellent question that doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s also important to realize as a business owner, marketing expert, or brand connoisseur that brand gravity does not necessarily capture 100% of your target audience.

A brand can create gravity in several ways. zero Ω groups brand gravity efforts into a few categories:

  • Messaging: How does your brand interact with your audience? What is your brand’s tone? Are the visual aspects of the communications well thought out and congruent? What makes your brand’s messaging truly unique? Do consumers feel your brand’s voice is authentic?
  • Demonstrative: Is your target audience able to see your brand in action with a clear representation? Does your brand’s actions consistently match the brand messaging? Are experiential interactions with brand representatives impactful and aligned with your brand’s core values?
  • Physical: Are your brand’s products designed to deliver ultimate satisfaction to your customers? Has your brand’s packaging been created with your audience’s preferences in mind? Are physical aspects of your brand’s messaging seamless and on-point?
  • Community: Has your brand spurred an army of positive word-of-mouth advertisers? Does your community and audience defend your brand at will? Does your brand’s community bond and grow when your brand isn’t directly involved? Does your brand foster unique community experiences?

Creating brand gravity is an art. If you traveled through the categorical questions above and were unsure of the answers, you haven’t fully captured brand gravity. At zero Ω, we are artists and our partners’ brands are a working canvas–drop us a line and let’s get to work on bolstering your brand’s gravity.

Why Brand Gravity Is So Important For Your Business

Brand gravity is unbelievably important for your business and many business principles fail to understand that. Brand gravity can exponentiate sales and stir viral attraction towards your brand when times are good. When market conditions are good and favor your product or service, it’s easier to capitalize on strong sales. Brand gravity augments your business’ revenue potential in the good times while it protects against losing sales momentum when the tide shifts. When the economic situation or your industry’s landscape is a bit more challenging, brand gravity hedges your business’ downside risk because you’ve already won your audience’s hearts. Consumers are more willing to spend, splurge, and invest in brands that they truly believe in–no matter the circumstances.

Brand gravity emphasizes the most powerful way to acquire a new lifetime customer: through potent word-of-mouth testimony. Building bulletproof brand gravity and designing an experience a majority of your consumers connect with opens the doors for your business to create a legacy. Timeless brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, & Amazon have mastered brand gravity. Your brand could be the next to top the ranks!