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In today’s day and age of running a business, there are dozens of ways to get your business in front of your customers’ eyes. A multitude of advertising exists like never before, digital realms host your business’ information, and consumers can now share feedback regarding your business seamlessly for the world to see. The smartest business owners, operations, and marketing leaders are usually able to determine which mediums are not suitable for their business or campaign when looking to increase sales. However, few businesses are tapping into the full potential of their marketing operation.

Businesses, brands, and their marketing agents are usually unfamiliar with marketing synergy and how to extract the maximum value from their marketing operation. If you are spending time, energy, and money on your marketing and advertising, don’t you want to get the best results possible?

Of course you do–you need to ensure you’re creating marketing synergy to truly have your marketing efforts firing on all cylinders.

What is Marketing Synergy?

You’ve heard of synergistic effects, or synergy, many times expressed simply as: 1+1=3. While this formula is notoriously associated with synergy, it’s easier expressed than created. Synergy is when your cumulative output is greater than the sum of the inputs. To achieve this feat, you have to be able to access the hidden potential from within your design. When it comes to marketing, brands and businesses employ many different mediums and channels to achieve their goals. Tapping into the hidden secrets within these channels when coordinating marketing efforts for a campaign is what can yield marketing synergy.

Additionally, creating marketing synergy is a product of structuring your channel execution and customer funnels effectively. While a consumer usually sees, hears, and witnesses thousands of marketing touch-points a day, it’s not what they absorb that matters. How your target audience members absorb marketing campaigns and how they feel about the total impact of your marketing effort is the differentiator! Quantity certainly plays a role when it comes to mastery marketing synergy, but quality is also extremely important. The customer experience through your marketing campaign and marketing funnels is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building marketing synergy. Make sure you have identified the hidden potential in each marketing channel and have optimized your timing, structure, and funnels.

If you are not certain you have done this or need help doing so, zero Ω experts are one email away from assisting you through this process.

How to create Marketing Synergy

Creating true marketing synergy takes careful observation, data analysis, and industry expertise among other things. Imagine your marketing operation as a modern-day supercar with all the tech and gadgets. A master mechanic who specializes in that supercar will understand what parts they have to work with to optimize the vehicle’s performance. Master mechanics have the Midas touch for making small tweaks in dozens of different areas when seeking ways to maximize output and road performance. Yet, these master mechanics are also true veterans of their supercar’s environment: what altitude and air quality will the car perform at, what are the road conditions like, who is the driver?

Take this metaphor and apply it to creating marketing synergy for your business by starting with this question: do you have a master mechanic (savvy, marketing savant)? Does your marketing department or leader understand the ins-and-outs of the marketing tools at their disposal? Do they have expert knowledge in the marketing channels in use? Do they understand their environment and audience like a marketing veteran should. Only then will your marketing success reach maximum potential thanks to uncovering the inherent synergy in your operation.

To create marketing synergy:

  • Ensure you have a master mechanic behind the wheel of your supercar (marketing operation)
  • Access the hidden value within your marketing channels and connect them together
  • Understand your brand’s field of play and target audience like the back of your hand
  • Continuously evaluate your marketing efforts, be relentless in making tweaks and testing, and pay close attention to data analytics

When it comes to getting the most out of your marketing and advertising, your business must prioritize the exploration of channel synergy. When a multitude of channels are at work, the challenge of maximizing channel synergy increases. With longer customer funnels and more complicated campaign structures comes added nuances to mastering your channel synergy.

As a business operator or marketing agent, this may be foreign to you. Good news though–zero Ω’s experts are master mechanics and our firm’s secret sauce is available. Leave us a comment or connect with us to get going like never before.