welcome to ingenuity

Masters of turning great ideas into thriving projects. Start-up connoisseurs with a blast off mindset to complement any launchpad. Visionaries that enhance the creative spirit, challenge the ordinary with innovation, live for detail oriented execution, & strategically design every element of our ventures. Our development firm thrives off of market opportunity, value arbitrage, and refined instinct.


Equally as important as our cache of skills is our business’ foundation: partnership. We are selective. We are cognizant. We are seeking a true partner; a partner in every facet of your brand’s success—however you may define that. Want to change the world with a non-profit? Want to sell a viral product and set a new trend? Want to take the web3 world by storm with your NFT project? Want to build a never-ending lead funnel? Cool, us too.

the team

David Eisenhauer

David’s need for a fast-paced, dynamic work environment thrust him into entrepreneurship after working for the world’s largest renewable energy corporation. With a skill set diversified of marketing, finance, business development, & executive consulting, David is passionate about web3, the renewal energy industry, & accelerating brand growth. He practices a results-oriented mindset backed by strategic planning, data-driven decision making, & an instinctual compass chock-full of creativity.

Mikhel Patel

Mikhel has always been interested in big picture, macroeconomic trends including commodities, tech, development, and art. With degrees in economics and finance, these interests first drew him to the renewable energy space, followed by working in marketing and e-commerce. Always on the forefront of the adoption curve, Mikhel’s interest in fintech and game theory has made way for some incredible opportunities in the cryptocurrency and web3 space.

Dominic Woods

Dominic is a jack of all trades. As a marketing specialist, multimedia designer, & community manager, he cultivates meaningful, tight-knit communities for zero Ω’s partners. Dominic consistently strives to help zero Ω’s partners reach their full potential in their digital ecosystems, going above & beyond to adapt and innovate in this ever changing environment. Dominic has bountiful experience in the outdoors industry but is also passionate about web3 as this emerging niche challenges his marketing expertise.